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Dicas do que comprar no sex shop para comemorar o dia dos namorados

Essa semana vou pela primeira vez à um sex shop, queria dicas de comprar algo que possa ser usado assim a dois, e também relatos de vcs que compraram algo interessante que surpreenderam o parceiro
Anny star . 4 anos

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CarolCorreia . 4 anos
Fantasias é sempre uma boa
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danamupe . 2 anos
Standing infront of him, naked and horny, "See this beautiful body," shaking her ass at the cameras and giving a few playful slaps to herself, "if you want this under you or riding you, you better learn how to worship this - *****://safepornsites.pro ." Laying on the couch she led him to start at her neck line working his way down her body, rubbing, squeezing, sucking down her body, working his way down between her legs, he stopped and looked up obediently. Her smooth wet slit swollen and leaking, she looked at him on all fours between her legs, his cock hung heavy, full, and thick of hormones and cum, and hopefully stamina, spreading her lips with her fingers exposing her juicy cunt, "All you can eat baby." She moaned.

Running her hands through his hair, Alex started to lick, suck and finger his way around her pussy, easing 2 fingers into her cunt, finding her g-spot as he sucked her clit and her lips, listening to her moans, and feeling her body quiver he knew she was close, and he was going to drive her right up and over the edge. Fingering her cunt faster and harder, and licking furiously, he watched her arch her back and pull his face into her pussy as she came to a earth shattering orgasm, cumming hard over his face and in his mouth, still continuing until she pushed him away, her legs shaking, and toes curling tight. Gasping and catching her breath she started to giggle and blush looking at her young but skilled toy who has now graduated to being her lover.
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Que bom que vai responder!! Só lembrando que estamos aqui para realmente AJUDAR outras pessoas, então pense nisso! Obrigada! :)
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