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Apesar de não parecer mais tão certo assim, fazer retoques nas campanhas publicitárias e nos editoriais de moda ainda é ‘aceitável’. Mas, acredite, muitas mulheres também fazem uso dessa ferramenta no Instagram, para ficarem com a pele mais bonita e, porque não, o corpo mais curvilíneo. Pode parecer inofensivo, mas uma blogueira como o Photoshop funciona e o quanto isso afeta a autoestima feminina

Sara Puhto, uma blogueira vegana e fitness, usou a sua página no Instagram para postar uma montagem. De um lado, mostra o seu corpo real e, do outro, uma imagem que mostra como o Photoshop funciona, com a cintura mais fina. A mudança pode não parecer tanta assim, mas qualquer mulher se engana pensando que o segundo corpo, mesmo que seja fruto de um programa de computador, é melhor do que o primeiro.

Photoshop vs reality 🙅🏼🌿 For as long as I remember, I've wanted a curvy, tiny waist. I just wanted to look like every other girl I've seen. It's been horribly hard going through life hating what I see in the mirror, wishing I could change something about myself that I know will never change and it's annoying to see things like 'waist trainers' being promoted in the world because I know they don't really work and I'd never be able to use one anyway cause it would mess up the titanium in my spine. I've made a decision a few months ago to stop thinking about what I want to change and love the body I have, including my biggest insecurities. Instead of striving for a certain body goal through working out, I just workout because it makes me feel amazing and let the results come, when and if they come. I've wanted to post this for a long time but haven't felt like I had a photo of my body from the front where I genuinely felt happy with the way I looked and liked the photo on the left more than the photoshopped one on the right. It sounds cheesy but I honestly think it's because I finally accept my insecurities and now feeling like I'm loving them. It's good to look unique and you should be happy about the things that make you look unique. There's no point in going through life hating yourself because it's exhausting. So rather than having the 'perfect' body type in your mind, because perfect doesn't exists, focus on the best you you can be. Trust me you'll be so much happier. Yes I still have bad days where I feel self conscious but the difference now is that I bounce back from it sooner! Because I know that the way I view myself isn't how other people view me and as they say you're your own worst critic. So stop being so harsh on yourself because YOU are beautiful. I decided to use a photoshopped picture of myself, of what I wanted to look like because I didn't want to use a picture of someone else and compare my body to theirs. To some this might not look like a big difference but in the past these curves were what I thought would make me feel feminine which was a big deal and made a huge difference to me. Anyway I hope you this helps some of you ☺️💕

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“Eu queria postar essa foto há muito tempo, mas não senti que tinha uma foto de frente do meu corpo em que eu genuinamente me sentia feliz com a minha aparência e gostava da foto da esquerda [a real] mais do que a da direita [com a correção]”, escreveu ela na legenda da imagem. “Parece brega, mas eu acredito de verdade que que isso aconteceu porque eu finalmente aceitei as minhas inseguranças e as amo agora”.

Coming at you with another progress pic cause it's #transformationtuesday 😁🌿 Left: may 2016 (40 weeks of BBG) right: November 2016 (68 weeks of BBG) 💪🏼 I'm so happy with the difference in these photos because for the longest time I felt like my progress had plateaued. So I did a few things to change up my routine in the past few months. Firstly, I increased my calorie intake so I could start building more muscle 😁 (I'm not sure by how much exactly I increased my calories as I don't count calories because I've had a restrictive past with calories, but I just ate a lot more) 🍚 I started working smarter NOT harder. I used to do a ton of cardio/weight workouts that lasted about 1hr-2hrs which just left me fatigued. I would even do HIIT/cardio/weight workouts that lasted 30-40 minutes right after I did BBG. There was a reason @kayla_itsines suggested not to do that in her guides but I didn't listen because I thought that would help me get results faster 🙈 But now instead of that I do my regular BBG, HIIT, Cardio and weight workouts on separate days and my workout sessions last about 30-50 minutes depending on the intensity. I have also started listening to my body more by taking more rest days and adding in more cheat meals when I wanted them (a few cheat meals will not ruin your progress. It might hinder it if you eat junk for a few days/weeks straight but you can always get back into cleaner eating and it'll be okay, it's normal and we're only human). The biggest change in these photos is probably my mental state though, I've found a healthier, happier and new outlook on working out. I've realised its a lifestyle, where I will have ups and downs. I just have to remember that I'm doing this for me and no one else, so I shouldn't compare my body to others, or think that this journey is some kind of race to the finish line. I'm so happy with how far I've come in these past few months and just wanted to share it with you all. Also wanted to clear up that this is what worked for me and everybody is different, so what works for me may not work for you ☺️ Hope you all have an absolutely amazing day 🌴☀️ . #bbgprogress #sweatwithkayla

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Quando corpos à la Kim Kardashian, cheios de curvas exageradas, ou então magérrimos como o de Taylor Swift são o padrão do momento, é muito comum as mulheres acreditarem que precisam seguir esse mesmo ideal para ficarem bem consigo mesmas. Por isso, é tão comum elas usarem alguns truques para ficarem com o corpo parecido com esse ideal.

Photos aren't always reality 😬🌿 Usually when I take photos I honestly take about a hundred and will pick one or two of the best ones to post where I think I look good and I'll delete the ones where I'm not ready (tummy relaxed, non smiling, mid posing photos. Basically me at my worst chilling angles 😂). So here's one of the photos I would normally delete and pretend never happened on the left and my good flexed, posed, smiley one on the right. I wanted to post this to show another example of how Instagram shows the highlights of people's lives most of the time and how posing changes the way you look drastically. So you shouldn't compare your everyday self to someone's highlights on Instagram. Also wanted to clear up that there's nothing wrong with posing and posting your best photos, you should post photos where you feel good, it's just important to know that people don't look like their good photos all the time. Just don't get caught up comparing your body to someone's best angles. You're beautiful and amazing no matter what 💕 I just felt the need to spread some positivity and love today. Hope you all have an absolutely lovely day 🌴☀️

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O post de Sara chama atenção justamente para esse ponto, mostrando como o Photoshop funciona e evidenciando como usar esse recurso não muda a forma como você se vê, pelo contrário. Ela apenas deixa claro o quanto você está fora de um padrão ideal e tem problemas em aceitar o que você vê refletido no espelho.

These photos were taken a few seconds apart!! Do you ever have one of those days where you just get down on yourself and compare your body to others? I'm pretty sure everyone has bad body image days. I woke up this morning, looked at myself and thought I looked a bit fluffy today, usually I'd go about my day and end up posting the photo on the left and say how I'm feeling fluffy and bloated today, when the truth is the right photo shows my true fluffiness (no flexing and full tummy relaxed). So I thought I'd do a brutally honest post and show you my true fluff 🐇 What I'm trying to say is bodies fluctuate daily, even hourly. Don't beat yourself up if you have a bad day, week or month. Everyone has bad days. Everyone has some % of body fat. And everyone's body looks different from different angles/poses whether they're flexed, relaxed or bloated. People will post their highlights and their hard work on Instagram so don't compare yourself to them! You're beautiful no matter what 💕 This is honestly really terrifying for me to post, so please don't be too harsh. I just hope this helps some of you if you're having a bad day.

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O primeiro passo para aprender a amar a si mesma é entender que não existe um corpo perfeito. Todos os corpos são lindos como são, independentemente do tamanho, é uma questão de cada pessoa aprender que o padrão de beleza foi criado para representar uma minoria da população e que é simplesmente impossível todo mundo ter um corpo de Gisele Bündchen.

“Não tem porque você passar a vida odiando a si mesma, é exaustivo. Então, ao invés de ter um corpo ‘perfeito’, em mente, porque o perfeito não existe, foque em ser o melhor que você pode ser. Confie em mim, você vai ser muito mais feliz. Sim, eu ainda tenho dias ruins em que fico prestando atenção no meu corpo, mas a diferença é que agora eu paro com isso mais rápido. Porque eu sei que como eu me vejo não é o mesmo de como as outras pessoas me veem. E, como dizem por aí: você é sempre o seu pior crítico. Então pare de ser tão dura consigo mesma, porque você é linda”.

Imagem: Instagram

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